Sunday, 3 April 2016

When i was scared.

I  was scared when I was playing a scary game wIth my brother and my other brother and me. We were so scared when we just started because It was a freaky game we wanted to play the game even though we would get scared we stIll wanted to play. We had to make sure that no one came In the room so then they can’t scare us we had to check the doors and the teddy bear too.If we hear the dog barkIng then we know that they are here. We were playIng It and we got  scared as I quickly ran out of the room when we got scared i was playing with my older brother and my small brother that is 6. I came back in the room and we started again and we had to stop playIng It because it was to scary for me and my 6 year old brother so than  we were playIng a different game In hIs room but then we got bored then we went out me and my brother.the end

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