Wednesday, 8 June 2016

i wish i could...

I wish I could go to RaInbows End and have fun and go on lots of rIdes. It Is so fun at RaInbows End because there are lots of cool and fun rIdes to go on. I always lIke to go on the bIg kIds rIde lIke that rIde and the thIng goes up and down and then up agaIn and then down agaIn. I want to go on those kInd of rIdes. I am bIg and tall enough to go on to that bIg rollercoaster I lIke to go on to It. When I went there when I was lIttle my two cousIns could get on that rIde but when I trIed to see If I could on to that rIde I was not tall enough to go and rIde on It. When I was lIttle I had to go on to the lIttle kIds rIde and go Into kIds kIngdom. SometImes when I go there It Is not sometImes so cool to go Into. Well I am older I can go onto the rollercoaster now but my brother Is not tall enough to reach up to the thIng that you put yourself by and see If you could reach up to the top. On my brothers bIrthday he will be turnIng 7 years old and then If we go to RaInbows End then he mIght be tall enough to reach the top and go  onto the rIde. The last tIme I went on was when I was 7 years old and I went on that tIme wIth my dad and maybe my brother wIll go onto It wIth my mum. SometImes we have to go to kIds kIngdom sometImes It Is cool and sometImes It Is not cool and sometImes we don't lIke to go on we love to go on because sometImes It Is super duper fun to go onto. SometImes me and my brother and my famIly sometImes stay untIl RaInbows end closes up then that Is me and my famIly leave we leave when people start to leave or we leave If we want to leave.

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