Thursday, 15 September 2016

glorious sunset.

it was a glorious sunset. it was still night so it was twilight. there was a picket fence by the frosty water. it was snowing so the picket fence had snow on it. "the frost is like ice but different because you could walk on it but it would break if you are to heavy. the sun was mixed up in yellow orange and gold. the sun was glorious and bright. there was a kid called Jake. he said isn't it a wonderful morning he said to himself. he was wearing a very nice fluffy warm white and black coat. he was wearing gloves and some snow shoes. he went to go walk on to the frost and it snapped into pieces and he fell into the cold water.  an old man came strolling around his farm and he said "the sun is so beautiful when it goes down." the farmer said. The farmer heard a little voice saying " help!!! help!!!! help!!! the framer followed the voice and it led to the picket fence. the farmer jumped over the fence and jumped into the frost and saved jack. jack was breathing but he was unconscious. After a little while jack woke up in a warm blanket. Jack thanked the farmer for saving his life. The farmer smiled at jack and jack smiled back. when the farmer was walking to his home he turned back to jack and jack looked back to then jack did a salute to him and the farmer did it back to jack. then he left to home.

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