Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Karen and the barbie toys.

barbie toys.
  • It was a glorious day and Karen was playing with toys that were somebody else's toys.” Mum can i have these toys please”.Karen said. Mum replied and she said ”No the reason why is because these toys aren’t yours”. Then mum went back to the register and was still trying to deal with the bill.

  • When mum went back to the register and she was to busies Jason was grabbing the toys and opened his bag then after that he was trying to put them in his bag. When mum was finished talking to the register she quickly turned around to Karen to make sure that he wasn’t doing anything wrong like taking the toys that he was playing with. Mum caught him trying to take the toys into his bag. “ what did i tell you about taking things from other people.” After that she yelled quietly at him and growled him softly and gently.

  • Kelly the register lady said “ you know you can take them because no - one wants them”. Kelly said. “ why?.” Karen and mum said. “ because i didn’t tell the other kids or the other parents.”  why didn’t you tell them for?.”  “ because i was to shy to tell them.”  Later on mum and Karen went home happily ever after.

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