Thursday, 15 September 2016

nice sunny day.

"girls get up for school you're going to be late for school." dad said. so the  girls got ready for school. the girls were so tired they did not want to go to school. "My name is ana and i am the oldest in the family jade was the second oldest and last but not least tony...she was the youngest in the family."so then the girls got their bags and then they kissed dad goodbye. "bye dad see you after school." said ana. "have a great day today girls."dad said to them. The girls said hi to people that they don't know but they go to their school. when they were nearly to the gate a big bad bully came to them and bullied them and they pushed the girls to the ground and tony started to cry....then jade started to cry to. "i want to go home to dad" said tony and jade. ana stood up for the little girls and protected them on their way to school. ana stood up to the bullies to scram like little monkeys would. After that they went to school and had a great day at school. After school they told their father and dad said "its alright at least you had a great day today. 


  1. Beautiful story Syraiah, keep up the good work my love. I can see you in this story and your little brother about going to school but once your there you enjoy it so much.

  2. Also bullying is not a very nice thing to experience at school.