Thursday, 8 September 2016

the tongan language week.

today we had tongan language week. falakika,hope.t,hope.L and mariah and room 4 were doing a tongan dance for the tongan language. it was cool and fun i liked the songs that they did and i liked the tongan song that the tongan girls and boys did. their dance was amazing and awesome too. the tongan songs were nice and lovely songs i liked them so much. there were some girls that i know that are from my class and some from room 4. they looked so pretty and beautiful. they had lipstick on and they looked so beautiful in it. they had special tongan cloths. miss tafea told the whole school what some of the cloths meant one was for a wedding the girls and boys and one is for your birthday. the room 4 students introduced themselves to the whole school but they said it in tongan so i didn't know what they were saying but their names they said in english so i understanded them sort of. 
this is what the boys looked like they looked handsome and cool. they did a nice lovely dance like the girls but they did it with the older girls in rm 9  i think. there were the tps band and they performed a girls and boys dance together. they got onto the stage and then the people couldn't find the song and then they went off the stage and then the  tps band had to performed a song. then they found the song and then they went back onto the stage.they started to dance it was cool i liked it i wished that i could have understanded what they were saying but i couldn't because i wasn't tongan so then to bad. i really really liked tongan language week today. 

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