Thursday, 8 September 2016

the very bad nightmare.

26 Aug 2016 12:46:19.jpg
There was a girl and her name was Ana. she had a very bad nightmare and she had a dream of her on a very intense and frightening water slide that  she'd never been on before.  She was frightened about it because it was a very dangerous and it had a dark tunnel water slide.there were swirling and twirling on the slide. She shouted and she moved while she went on the slide. She spun and she grooved all around. She tumbled and she grumbled that she wanted to get off. She was scared and she couldn’t bear to stay on the slide because it was to long and to scary. She was going round and round in circles and she had a weird look on her face when she was on the slide. She couldn’t resist it. She saw a long line going down to the hard ground. She could see some light and she could breath and she breathed in and out and she smelt some oxygen. At last the ride was almost done and she would never wanted to go onto there again. She was terrified and her hair was puffy and she was safe she thought and then she woke up because it was morning she forgot about that whole thing now because it was a new day.

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  1. Hi Syraiah she looked very afraid and your very descriptive, good girl.