Tuesday, 15 November 2016

how to blow the biggest bubble.

How to blow the biggest bubble.
You will need...
Bubble gum.

Step 1. Chew several pieces of bubble gum until the flavour is gone.
Step 2. Stick your tongue into the bubble gum to make a whole. Then blow into the whole and make a pouch.
This is the start of the bubble.
Screenshot 2016-11-16 at 09.42.27.png
Step 3. Blow into the bubble with slow even breath’s keep a fer that gentle walt part still in your mouth. To perfect large bubbles,practise indoors.
Step 4. Practise your new skills.compete the family and friends to see who can blow the biggest best bubble gum bubble.

Did you know the biggest bubblegum bubble,measured 23” in diameter.

Use sugar free bubble gum.the less sugar in your bubble gum, the stronger it will be.

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