Wednesday, 2 November 2016

my opinion when on roller coasters.

In my opinion for roller coasters is that some roller coasters are not very safe.  They are not good for kids to go on. So i would rather not take a kid onto a dangerous and scary ride like that. Since i heard about 4 adults killed by a water ride i thought i  wouldn't go on to that ride in my life. I have been to dreamworld but i have not been on the water ride before.  my uncle and aunt said to me and my cousins not to go on to the water ride because we will get wet and that it is to dangerous for us to go on because of the bumps. There are no seat belts at all  on the water ride and we might fall out of the Cart.

When my dad told me that 4 adults died on a water ride at dreamworld i felt so upset and unhappy because 4 people died at the most coolest  place in my life that i’ve been to.

I think that the  water ride should be shut down for good so that no more kids or adults get injured or killed or die.If i was a parent i would never ever take my child out to dreamworld to get hurt or injured.

I would like to go on the water ride but it was to dangerous. So what i think they should do is make the water ride even more safer than the one that they have already.

What they should get is engineers to make sure that everything at dreamworld and rainbows end is okay and working and that no-one can get hurt.

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