Monday, 29 May 2017

Kiwi can

today room 7 went to kiwi can after we finished doing the samoan alphabet and the sign language to the alphabet we went to kiwi can then miss lilly and mister malu asked us what the topic is and the topic is responsibility. The theme is integrity and integrity means doing the right thing even when nobody's looking. when we finished talking we were playing a game called protect your partner how to play it is you have to find a buddy then one person has to be head and the head has to make sure that the other team doesn't get your partner. My partner was mister malu because there was no one else for me to go with. the next game we played was like protect your partner but you have no partner and one person has to be it and they have to try and get people then the person that is out has to chain to the person that is in and the last person standing wins. After the games we were talking about what is responsibility and what it means to us. Then when it was time to finish we went to the library to change our books. But when while the rest went to the library i went to miss ashley to do my reading test.

THANK YOU kiwi can 123 123 kc catch you up!!!! 

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