Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Should cellphones be allowed in school.


In my opinion..
Some believe that..
I feel that..
… therefore …
… moreover …
In the same way..
On the other hand..
In this situation…

I feel that it is a parents responsibility to decide if their child can have a phone or not, that responsibility should not fall to the school or the teacher.

Some people might argue that having phones in school could lead to more cyberbullying, on the other hand, at TPS we do Cybersmart which teaches us how to be responsible on the internet.

Title: ___should cellphones be allowed in school.___________________________
I feel that we should have cellphones because we can communicate and we can call our parents or the police just in case an emergency happens. We can take pictures of our learning instead of the teacher taking pictures and uploading it to share it to us.

First paragraph:

In my opinion i think that we should have cell phones because it will help us with our learning when something is wrong with our netbook.  

Because if you are on something else instead of your work the teacher can see what you are doing on your phone because you are connected to tamaki primary school wifi.

If you go on something rude or if you go on games then the teacher can take you off it by going on the harpa app because you are connected to school wifi.

In my opinion cellphones can be useful tools like netbooks can.

Second paragraph:

In my opinion i think that cellphones should be allowed in school because they can help us learn when we don't know.

Because our school does cybersmart and cybersmart helps us with our safety when we get a phone.

For example hiria had a phone and she didn't know what to do on it then the next day she learnt cybersmart and then she knew what to do on her phone.

In my opinion safety is important when you're on phones,tablets, computers and netbooks.

Third paragraph:

In my opinion i think that cellphones should be allowed because then you can listen to music when you're mad and when you need to take a walk in the corridors.

Because when you are in trouble from your mum or dad then you can calm down by doing something on your phone.

For example if you can't take your netbook with you to listen to music when you're angry then you can use your phone.

I think that when you have a cellphone in school it can help you with your issues that you are having.


Summarise the 3 ideas
We think that cellphones should be allowed in school because it helps you with communication,issues and safety. We could contact parents and the police just in case of an emergency and if we get mad then we can do something or listen to music on your phone. We learn about cybersmart so we know lots about safety when we get phones.

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