Friday, 16 June 2017

should prisons exist

Should prisons exist

I think that prisons should exist because the prisoners will escape and the cop’s wouldn’t know. When the police find a killer and the police don't have prisons then the prisoners will kill the cops that are watching them then they will escape and keep on killing people.

When someone does bad stuff like a robbery then they will go to jail and if we don't have a jail then the robber will still be in the community and they will keep doing bad things and no one will do anything about it.

If we don't have a prison then people won't have jobs and they will not have lots of money and they will be poor and they will not have enough money to buy more clothes and if they have a new born baby then they won't have money to buy their baby's cloths.

When you are in prison then you can learn how to be a better person and you will learn lots and if you are good you will be treated right instead of still being a robber when you get out of jail if someone from his/she family that will come to get him/her.

In conclusion these are my reasons why prisons should exist.  

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