Wednesday, 21 June 2017

the day at tip top

Day at tip top

Today was a bright lovely day and room 7, room 8,room 6 and room 5 went to tip top. There were parents to help the teachers take care of 3 classes. The parents had groups to take with them. My dad lee came to the tip top.

When we got there we saw the park then when we got off the bus we went to go on the park. Everyone wanted to go on the blue slide and there were mostly everyone on the top to go on the slide. When it was my turn we got stuck because the people that went before me got stuck in the front then everyone had to stop because we were stuck and the people still at the top were waiting until we got out of the slide then lydia went on the slide next.

The teachers called us off the park so that they could say which people are going first to go and look in the factory and the first people to go was room 8 and a little bit of room 5. When everyone had gone there was a short line at the slide. Me, grace,amon,lydia,edith and auckland we all played with the cards and we played speed then we played last card. After we played for a little bit we got called to go in our line so that we can get ready to go. My dad was in my group and he was helping to watch us. When we went we had to wait till room 8 and room 5 had to come back so that we could go and look at the factory and eat ice cream.

When we got in we all saw people working at the factory and there was a car that they use to use in the old days. The lady that was showing us around she turned on the car that they used in the old days and it looked funny and cool. When we went to look at the other things we pressed these buttons then we went to go and see what the other people were doing and there were lots of people doing the ice cream. When the ice cream is not like how it's meant to be but when they're not like how it's not meant to be then the people that work there put the ice cream into a big bowl and then the give it to an animal to eat it. At the end we ate ice cream and we could eat any kind we want and while we were eating our ice cream we were watching how they came up with the name tip top. Before we went to the end we smelt these tubes and we had to guess what flavour it was. One lady showed us all a giant chocolate bar.

It was fun i can't wait till the next trip.

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