Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The lost grandma

One day there was an old lady and she went for a stroll with her granddaughters to the garden.

When they were going for a stroll the grandma lost her glasses and she took a wrong turn. The old lady was meant to go to the left but she went to the right instead. Then the granddaughters went to the right when grandma went to the left. The grandma got scared because it was getting dark. The granddaughters got worried about their grandma.

The granddaughter's called the police and the police got their touche’s and they were looking for the grandma. The police found the grandma and the grandma was really happy to be found. The grandma said “i got lost because i lost my glasses”. Then the granddaughter said “ here are your glasses”. Then they lived happily ever after.

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  1. Hi Syraiah-lee, this is really good work maybe next time you can add more detail and punctuation but overall you are a FANTASTIC writing. Good Job.

    -Edith :D :P