Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Crossing the bridge

On Saturday the 16th of March 1852, there was a farmer and her brown and white cow. The farmer’s name was called peaches.

First the farmer peaches got her cow and tried to get the cow to move “ come on bessie.” she said as she was struggling to pull bessie. Peaches grabbed her coins and she went to william johnsen the toll keeper. She gave william johnson 1 coin for her and 1 for her cow.

“Evening Johnson” she said as she was waiting to cross the bridge.

William johnson took the money and said “thank you very much,enjoy your day.” william johnson used his strength to turn the winch so that the farmer could go through the bridge and go to the market. The farmer and the cow got to the market and the farmer got the bucket and milked the cow to sell the milk to the villagers.

The farmer looked and looked to see if anyone was coming to get some milk. But then she saw one person in line to see if it tasted nice. So she gave the nice lady some milk and she said “ WOOPHE!!!, that's the best milk i've ever tasted.” so she bought some milk and took it to her kids and they shared the milk together. After she left she told everyone about the milk and there was a whole line of people waiting to get some milk. Then he got to the last person and there was no one else in the line. So she packed up all her stuff and took her cow home. Then they got home and they jumped straight on to their beds and went to sleep.


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The history of panmure bridge (WALT write a summary of new information)

Before the Bridge!
In 1845 there was a man named Hemi pepene. Hemi pepene ran a Ferry service that went from panmure to pakuranga. Hemi pepene’s ferry service ran from 1845 to 1850. Hemi pepene made his boat by himself. The boat he made was a punt boat. Hemi pepene was an adopted son of a missionary. Hemi pepene was a successful farmer and he took his boat to sydney to sell his food.

First bridge!
In the 1850’s the tamaki river was considered to be one of the busiest waterways in New Zealand. The auckland council said that whoever had the best plan then they would give the person $50. People that crossed the bridge they had to pay money to a man. The man that did it was named a toll keeper. A toll keeper is a person that opens and closes the bridge. Work on the bridge started on october 1864. The first panmure bridge was a swingbridge. Some swing bridges can go sideways and some can go up. This one it went sideways. Sometimes it takes people a lot of time to open or close.Most cutters, scows and trading vessels were sailing ships that needed great skill to negotiate the small opening with difficult tidal rips.

Second bridge!
By 1913 it was obvious that a new bridge was required. They had to reinforce concrete. Motor vehicles were displacing horses and a wider bridge was desirable.
By 1913 it was obvious that a new bridge would be required. Reinforce concrete.Finally he cut the ribbon and drove a heavy traction engine across the new bridge to prove the ability of the structure to take heavy loads.However by 1930 serious faults in the new bridge were reported when a large crack across the full width of the bridge at the southern end was discovered.

Third bridge!
A new bridge was built in 1959. This latter bridge is a three-lane reinforced high-level bridge, with the centre lane used for westwards traffic flow in the morning and eastwards in the afternoon.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Pasta Bridge

yesterday i made a suspension bridge with kordell.

Bridge Art

this is my art that i made. this bridge is called arch. we made this art because we were learning about bridges.

WAL about different types of bridges

yesterday room 7 made bridges out of pasta. this is the SUSPENSION BRIDGE that me and my buddy made together. 

Thursday, 1 March 2018


I could see the couple in front of me talking. The man, Charlie said to his wife Lucy “ Lucy are you scared?.” she replied in a terrified voice “ yes i am scared!.” Charlie shouted “ don't worry Lucy i'm here to protect you.”

The cart that we were on was like a lemon yellow. The cart shunted forward and began its vertical climb up to the top of the peak. The blue stairs next to the noisey black rails made me feel safe. As we were approaching to the summit, we could see the bright kikorangi sky touching the beautiful horizon. When i looked down i could see other rides and i could see cars that looked like tiny ants.

We stopped at the top and we went ZOOMING! Down the peak i was feeling as light as a feather. The roller coaster chugged forward and built movement as the tracks went

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!. The butterflies in my stomach flew in fast circles round and round and round. When the cart was moving down my stomach felt like it dropped all the way to the ground. My sweaty disgusting hand’s grasped onto the seat belt bar. We twist,we veered and we twireld.

All of a sudden we were inverted upside down and i felt very nauseous and i swallowed my vomit back down. It tasted disgusting and it felt like fire burning my mouth. Then the cart stopped at the station and we had to jump off of the cart and let the others have a turn on the roller coaster.