Thursday, 1 March 2018


I could see the couple in front of me talking. The man, Charlie said to his wife Lucy “ Lucy are you scared?.” she replied in a terrified voice “ yes i am scared!.” Charlie shouted “ don't worry Lucy i'm here to protect you.”

The cart that we were on was like a lemon yellow. The cart shunted forward and began its vertical climb up to the top of the peak. The blue stairs next to the noisey black rails made me feel safe. As we were approaching to the summit, we could see the bright kikorangi sky touching the beautiful horizon. When i looked down i could see other rides and i could see cars that looked like tiny ants.

We stopped at the top and we went ZOOMING! Down the peak i was feeling as light as a feather. The roller coaster chugged forward and built movement as the tracks went

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!. The butterflies in my stomach flew in fast circles round and round and round. When the cart was moving down my stomach felt like it dropped all the way to the ground. My sweaty disgusting hand’s grasped onto the seat belt bar. We twist,we veered and we twireld.

All of a sudden we were inverted upside down and i felt very nauseous and i swallowed my vomit back down. It tasted disgusting and it felt like fire burning my mouth. Then the cart stopped at the station and we had to jump off of the cart and let the others have a turn on the roller coaster.

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  1. I know how you felt, as just by watching the video I felt a sense of vertigo!! You wrote some very descriptive passages which painted a very real picture for me.