Monday, 30 May 2016

where i was like on the site and stuff.

the six thinking hats.

WALT understand what the six thinking hats are about.

the six thinking hats are about feelings and facts and process

and creativity and negative things and positive things.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

WALT write about awarua the taniwha of porirua.

WALT know what kind of insects you can name in maori.

Today this morning my class was going to do a math test on our netbook.We could not do that because most of the class could not get onto the math test.Then we had to do our reading.We done our reading about mara that is a garden.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

At kapa-haka

Yesterday my class and some of the juniors come to kapa-haka with us. Every wednesday me and my class and those little students go to the hall so we can do kapa-haka. There are seniors that come as well. The seniors go to the hall before us so then they could practice the songs that the maori teachers teach them. The songs were cool and amazing. When we go there it is a lot of fun and it is cool and lovely. When we come in the hall we sit down and we listen to the 2 songs that they perform and practice every wednesday. We like the 2 songs that they sing. Our whole school knows one of the songs. We like the songs that they perform. We can hear them when they are practicing. We wait outside the door same as the juniors. My class and the juniors love to hear the seniors perform in front of us. They are so so so confident and to pukana in front of us. They are not shy they are confident in front of us even when they sing.Their singing is very loud and it is very lovely.

Tane steals the show presendtation

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The magical world.

The magical world.
One day there was a little girl named Jenny and she was hiding away from her friends. Then she found a little key and then  found a little door.  And then she opened the door she bent down and looked out of the opened door and she saw that she was in a fairy-land. She was in a magical world with thousands of fairies in the magical world. When the fairies were thirsty or hungry they always drank the chocolate river. There were lots of christmas trees and there were lots of christmas lights there were chocolate mountains and the fairies  were beautiful as they could. They even   looked like butterflies in the sky.  She was in a secret cave. But she was scared and  all alone by herself. She wanted to go back home and be with her mom and dad.She missed her family. She wanted to go home but she couldn't because the door was to small and she was to big. There was a tornado and made of lollies. She got out of the secret cave and then she went outside and saw the tornado. She was brooding and terrified. But the most terrified thing she didn’t see was that there was a big giant monster. The monster was blowing out candy and it was heading for Jenny. They were almost there to hitting her but she ran a side and found a basket she used it to block her and so then she catched some and then when the monster was having a rest she had a rest as well and she ate the lollies in the basket. But then they went on and on and on. Until the monster got old and then he died and then the tornado died and then she won her victory and then she realised something and she was still in the fairyland she ran as fast as she can and ran all the way home. And when the game was over she was the winner. And then her friends lost their  way home and then they had to stay at Jenny's house.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

WALT talk about my culture.

Tuna bounced into syraiahlee’s fale and tuna opened his gutu  wide.Syraiahlee  reached in and grabbed a lavalava.She put on the lavalava and began to siva.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

WALT use the TOPS.

Watercress tuna and the children of tamaki primary street.

Who :There was a tuna.children of tamaki primary street.
When:when the tuna went onto tamaki primary street.
where: tamaki primary street.
Why:give them some of their culture stuff.
What:tuna jumped onto tamaki primary street.
How:tuna had a magical throat.

The kids got lost because it was night and it was so dark but the adults had lights but they ran back home to their kids and babies.

Than they found light and went home with the light.Than they got home safe than they had a hot chocolate and a blanket and cookies and they were watching tv.but there mom and dad were worried about them.

WALT write a cinquain about ANZAC.

1. War
2. Dangerous, sad
3. Deaths, fight, explosions
4. careful, braving, solemn, Lonely
1. Blood.

WALT write about my day.

At school at lunch-time or morning tea-time everyone is so so noizy.It get’s so loud if people try to talk to me i wouldn’t even hear her/him not even one single word.In the corridors when the seniors come  up-stairs it get’s so noizy and when it get’s so noizy the seniors always start’s to get so pushy all the time.And when room 6 try to get to class some of us are late and we get in trouble cause we are late.The seniors get so pushy that they sometimes push in front of us and sometimes push’s us to the wall only some of us.

WALT know what is each others special thing.

A samoan  tattoo represents a special family. A samoan tattoo reminds me of my dad and aunties and uncles and cousins. Every Time I go to school and I see a tattoo on someone it reminds me of my huge family in  Brisbane. My dad told me that my aunty  passed away.I went to the funeral with my dad and sister and brother.I wished that I could of be older so than after the funeral I can get a tattoo that represents my aunties and uncles  that died. I hope i could get a tattoo.

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