Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Karen and the barbie toys.

barbie toys.
  • It was a glorious day and Karen was playing with toys that were somebody else's toys.” Mum can i have these toys please”.Karen said. Mum replied and she said ”No the reason why is because these toys aren’t yours”. Then mum went back to the register and was still trying to deal with the bill.

  • When mum went back to the register and she was to busies Jason was grabbing the toys and opened his bag then after that he was trying to put them in his bag. When mum was finished talking to the register she quickly turned around to Karen to make sure that he wasn’t doing anything wrong like taking the toys that he was playing with. Mum caught him trying to take the toys into his bag. “ what did i tell you about taking things from other people.” After that she yelled quietly at him and growled him softly and gently.

  • Kelly the register lady said “ you know you can take them because no - one wants them”. Kelly said. “ why?.” Karen and mum said. “ because i didn’t tell the other kids or the other parents.”  why didn’t you tell them for?.”  “ because i was to shy to tell them.”  Later on mum and Karen went home happily ever after.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A beautiful wedding.

It was a beautiful day and a lady named rosey was going to get married with a man named daniel.They went in a limo to go to the woods but before they did that they got changed into wedding dresses and wedding suits.Rosey got dressed into a white puffy dress that looked like a giant marshmallow. “ This dress looks like i can just eat it and get another dress.” She wore the poppy that her father  wore when she was young and he went to war it reminds her of her dad.

Her hair was in a bun and some of her hair was kind of in her face. " wow i look so gorgeous with my hair in a bun and a poppy in my bune and this beautiful dress that i am in."

When they got to the woods rosey had a feeling that she shouldn't marry daniel. she said in her head " I don't want to marry this man because he was not her type and it did not feel right. " I'm going to the toilet okay daniel." She said. "Okay then but be back as quick as you can cause you dont want to miss out on the wedding purposely." Daniel said to rosey.

When rosie went out of the door and nobody was looking she ran as fast as she can. She took off her high heels and then she ran away and she got her self lost in the woods.She got tired and sat down waiting and waiting until someone came to get her. After a little while rosey missed the limo when everybody left back to their homes. She cried and cried and she didn't stop. It got dark and dark and she got scared as the sun went down and the moon came up.

Right after a little while somebody came to save her from the horrible woods. She said in her head " I am never ever going to have my next wedding in the woods ever again." THE END

Thursday, 15 September 2016

glorious sunset.

it was a glorious sunset. it was still night so it was twilight. there was a picket fence by the frosty water. it was snowing so the picket fence had snow on it. "the frost is like ice but different because you could walk on it but it would break if you are to heavy. the sun was mixed up in yellow orange and gold. the sun was glorious and bright. there was a kid called Jake. he said isn't it a wonderful morning he said to himself. he was wearing a very nice fluffy warm white and black coat. he was wearing gloves and some snow shoes. he went to go walk on to the frost and it snapped into pieces and he fell into the cold water.  an old man came strolling around his farm and he said "the sun is so beautiful when it goes down." the farmer said. The farmer heard a little voice saying " help!!! help!!!! help!!! the framer followed the voice and it led to the picket fence. the farmer jumped over the fence and jumped into the frost and saved jack. jack was breathing but he was unconscious. After a little while jack woke up in a warm blanket. Jack thanked the farmer for saving his life. The farmer smiled at jack and jack smiled back. when the farmer was walking to his home he turned back to jack and jack looked back to then jack did a salute to him and the farmer did it back to jack. then he left to home.

nice sunny day.

"girls get up for school you're going to be late for school." dad said. so the  girls got ready for school. the girls were so tired they did not want to go to school. "My name is ana and i am the oldest in the family jade was the second oldest and last but not least tony...she was the youngest in the family."so then the girls got their bags and then they kissed dad goodbye. "bye dad see you after school." said ana. "have a great day today girls."dad said to them. The girls said hi to people that they don't know but they go to their school. when they were nearly to the gate a big bad bully came to them and bullied them and they pushed the girls to the ground and tony started to cry....then jade started to cry to. "i want to go home to dad" said tony and jade. ana stood up for the little girls and protected them on their way to school. ana stood up to the bullies to scram like little monkeys would. After that they went to school and had a great day at school. After school they told their father and dad said "its alright at least you had a great day today. 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Describing in detail!

Today we had to write about a short clip we watched. Our goal was to describe IN DETAIL what we saw. This was just a practice so then when we wrote our own stories, we know how to write in detail and don't forget to leave things out. It helps the reader get a picture in their head, like a movie, of what I am writing.

This is the clip we used.
(Only the first 1 minute - about the boy sleeping through his alarms)

This is what I wrote.

It was a open morning and the gentle breeze went in circles coming through the open windows. There were curtains swaying softly side to side almost covering the radio. Beneath the window there was a radio and it had a clock on it. The radio was on a desk. On the desk there were books that he could read one day. On the wall there were a calendar full of pictures and months. The clock on the radio showed 6.59AM then it changed to 7.00AM. On the radio it showed a little blue word that came under the time - it said 'good morning'. After that it said 'play CD'. The volume came up softly. There came a nice upbeat song. It was a morning song. I heard a guitar and some drums. The song disappeared because a hand shut if off cause he was tired because he stayed up too late at night. There was his phone that turned on his alarm. The phone shook softly and vibrated. Without looking he turned it off his phone. He reluctantly turned off the alarm. His phone gently slammed onto the phone. Suddenly a third alarm goes off and the boy wasn't bothered to walk and turn it off so he grabbed a BB gun and shot the third clock. He flops his hand onto the bed and falls asleep again. His BB gun slowly slipped out of his hand, onto his fingers and then onto the floor. When the gun fell onto the floor all the three alarms went off again and the music changed to a rock'n'roll song. The boy got mad and turned over and over. He launched out onto the floor and he ran to switch off the radio and the clock alarm and his phone too.

Do you think I have described what happened in lots of detail?
Please leave me a comment to let me know if I did achieve my goal or not.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

what i feel about the amazing autumn.

It was a glorious morning I was in the meadows and I heard  birds tweeting and singing and one was chirping it was like music to my ears.There was beautiful light green grass. There were beautiful and lovely daisy's on the green grass growing and rising up. there is a steam that I saw pass by me. there I saw pink fluffy clouds in the nice blue sky.  In the  creek i saw some things floating in there. I saw big and gigantic trees in my way. the end.   

the very bad nightmare.

26 Aug 2016 12:46:19.jpg
There was a girl and her name was Ana. she had a very bad nightmare and she had a dream of her on a very intense and frightening water slide that  she'd never been on before.  She was frightened about it because it was a very dangerous and it had a dark tunnel water slide.there were swirling and twirling on the slide. She shouted and she moved while she went on the slide. She spun and she grooved all around. She tumbled and she grumbled that she wanted to get off. She was scared and she couldn’t bear to stay on the slide because it was to long and to scary. She was going round and round in circles and she had a weird look on her face when she was on the slide. She couldn’t resist it. She saw a long line going down to the hard ground. She could see some light and she could breath and she breathed in and out and she smelt some oxygen. At last the ride was almost done and she would never wanted to go onto there again. She was terrified and her hair was puffy and she was safe she thought and then she woke up because it was morning she forgot about that whole thing now because it was a new day.

the tongan language week.

today we had tongan language week. falakika,hope.t,hope.L and mariah and room 4 were doing a tongan dance for the tongan language. it was cool and fun i liked the songs that they did and i liked the tongan song that the tongan girls and boys did. their dance was amazing and awesome too. the tongan songs were nice and lovely songs i liked them so much. there were some girls that i know that are from my class and some from room 4. they looked so pretty and beautiful. they had lipstick on and they looked so beautiful in it. they had special tongan cloths. miss tafea told the whole school what some of the cloths meant one was for a wedding the girls and boys and one is for your birthday. the room 4 students introduced themselves to the whole school but they said it in tongan so i didn't know what they were saying but their names they said in english so i understanded them sort of. 
this is what the boys looked like they looked handsome and cool. they did a nice lovely dance like the girls but they did it with the older girls in rm 9  i think. there were the tps band and they performed a girls and boys dance together. they got onto the stage and then the people couldn't find the song and then they went off the stage and then the  tps band had to performed a song. then they found the song and then they went back onto the stage.they started to dance it was cool i liked it i wished that i could have understanded what they were saying but i couldn't because i wasn't tongan so then to bad. i really really liked tongan language week today. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

WALT: swim at the lagoon pools.


on tuesday room 6 went to the panmure lagoon pools. we had fun. we will be going there for only two weeks and then we are done. it is not just us that is going it is the whole school.

we are learning how to swim so that we won't drowned in the beach or the deep pool.

we learnt how to do a  stream-line.
we had to listen to the coach's and make sure we know what to do.

 we were playing a game when it was almost finished.

we played a game that was like ring a ring a rosey but it was different because we had to be an animal and we had to set the animals that you are  then you set them free.

we were swimming with the boards for a while, but we didn't have to kick they said that we can kick until 2 or 3 seconds.

we always have fun at the lagoon pools.

Monday, 5 September 2016

what it would be like going for a bush walk

I went for a bush walk early  in the morning. It was lovely and delightful. I could feel the breeze going onto my face. it was nice and wonderful i could have meditated over there. I heard  a bird tweeting and another bird singing. I saw a parite going past me. It was colourful calm when it went past me. I saw a stream and a waterfall it was so fresh i could hnk it. The sun was slowly coming up and ling and  so beautiful horizon. The grass was wet but i didn't mind so i sat down and i meditated. The trees were tall and humongous and gigantic. The leaves were soft and green. When the wind blows it the leaves swoosh around to your right or your left.