Thursday, 14 April 2016

WALT learn how to use book cover.

WALT learn how to use mapping the story.

Mapping the story!

The main character is...tiddler
(put a picture here and then describe your character)

not much to look at.        He was a fish.      
He was
Small tiny.
Tiddler is grey blueish.                 

The setting is...the sea
The setting was in the sea.
Image result for tiddler

Interesting words
The problem was that he was caught from a net and he did not see it coming towards  him.

He got  out because he was just a tiddler and the men through him back into sea.
Plain redfin johnny dory rabbit fish dragon fish and dab plaice tiddler meanwhile school room.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

WALT find multiple parts of a whole.

We were learning to know how to use 1/4 and understanding how to use multiple parts of a whole.

Monday, 11 April 2016

WALT learn more about our character character profile

WALT: do Compare 4 stories to learn about julia donaldson.

Main Character
Rhyming words
What happened in the story?
The Gruffalo
The Gruffalo

The mouse tried to trick all the animals.
Claws  jaws
Toes noes
Mouse house
Good wood
Treetop house

The mouse scared all the animals by saying things about a gruffalo.
Room on the Broom
The witch

The witch wanted to make new friends.
Room broom hat cat  long ginger.
The witch kept on dropping her stuff and she found new friends while dropping her stuff.

Tiddler told tall tales and one person believed and liked his stories.
Tall tales diving dolphin   
Tiddler told different stories everyday.
Monkey puzzle
The monkey

The monkey was lost and he had to find his mum.
Little cry find butterfly hunk trunk
The monkey wanted to find his mum but he did not find her because the butterfly did not know where she was.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

WALT: use open and closed questions.

                                       open  questions  are questions that have a lot of
closed questions are questions that have only 
one answers.

Monday, 4 April 2016

charactor description

WALT:use adjectives to write a character description.

Monkey puzzle:

Looks like
Pink face
Pink ears
White eyes
White nails
WALT:use adjectives to write a character description.

Monkey puzzle:

Looks like
Pink face
Pink ears
White eyes
White nails

Feels like
Excited to find his mom

Sound  like

Work about my privacy and inappropriate

Talofa Lava my name is Syraiah-lee. I go to Tamaki Primary School, my teachers names are Miss Ashley and Mrs Sharma and i am in  Room 6. I am a year 4 and my favourite subject is arts. My favourite color is blue and my favourite thing to do is go to school and learn a lot of stuff. I love to do maths all the time. My favourite friends are falakika and alyssa.I like to learn heaps and my favourite author is julia donaldson.

why is water important?

why is water important?
water is important for you because it makes you healthy and strong and smart.
If we don't have any water than we might die and get dehydrated.
when it is to hot than you can get some water and drink it.
you should drink water almost all the time so you can survive when you go on 
what will happen if we don't have any water?
if we  have any water we will die with thirst.
if there was no water than what will
we drink when we are hot.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

When i was scared.

I  was scared when I was playing a scary game wIth my brother and my other brother and me. We were so scared when we just started because It was a freaky game we wanted to play the game even though we would get scared we stIll wanted to play. We had to make sure that no one came In the room so then they can’t scare us we had to check the doors and the teddy bear too.If we hear the dog barkIng then we know that they are here. We were playIng It and we got  scared as I quickly ran out of the room when we got scared i was playing with my older brother and my small brother that is 6. I came back in the room and we started again and we had to stop playIng It because it was to scary for me and my 6 year old brother so than  we were playIng a different game In hIs room but then we got bored then we went out me and my brother.the end

syraiahlee Week 9 student maths

WALT: understand the big idea of the word problem and share our strategies using Number talks

My pet

We were learning about each others pet.

Kowhai follow week 7

Kowhai follow week 7
We were learning what these signs mean.

What signs can you see in your environment? In your classroom? In the playground? At the front of the school?
Explore with Miss Ashley and document any signs you find.

  1. Move each picture of a sign we found to ‘important or not important’.
  2. Discuss with your group if you think they are important or not important signs.

This sign is important because people might slip over and hurt themselves.
It  is important  not to run because you might hurt yourself .
It is important to have the sign school zone because your child will not know where the entry is.
It is important to don’t bring your dog because someone can be scared of it.
This sign means no smoking because if you smoke by a child you might make them suffer.

This sign means do not come in because it is dangerous in their if it says keep out danger that means do not go in and you can't go in because there is danger.

This sign is important because children might get run over.they have to go with an adult because something might happen to the child.

This sign is important because if there was a fire than they could run out from the exit and if there were no exit than they could not get out from the fire.

This is not important because this shows that if you're a boy or a girl.
This is important because if you need to cross the road and you go to school than you can cross the road with the school patrol.

Why is water important for our bodys.

We were learning why is water important for our bodys.

My culture.

Talovalava my name is syraiahlee
We were learning each others culture.
Screenshot 2016-03-15 at 12.23.26.png
I am samoan and in my culture we like to eat fish,pig,chicken and pork.we like to sing a lot we like to wear
Lavalavas and we like to wear
White or black on sundays
We speak samoan.

The egg

the egg:title We were learning to use the planning sheet.

one day me and a friend hiria were walking down the street and someone gave us a box we didn’t know what was in the box because he ran away and we wanted to ask him what was in it but then he or her because we don’t know who it was but whoever it was they ran away before we  were even going to ask he ran away like had a tracking devic too. it had a scanning device too and when we opened  it there was a golden egg and there was a boom next to it than we blow away and then we took the  egg to the mama galle and then the egg hatched and then we went back home.

The witch

the witch is an old woman she has a crooked nose and she wears a long tall hat that keeps dropping on to the ground .She has long ginger hair that she does in a plait.she wears tapping shoes so we think that she likes to dance.She is excited when she makes new friends.The animals think that she is a kind witch because she let them on her broom.She is a bit clumsy because she keeps dropping her stuff on the ground.
We were learning to use describing words.

Shoot out

20.11.2015 title:shootout
AUTHOR: john lockyer
main characters:pumpkin,hari
SituAtioN:pumpkin threw the ball hard to hari
the problem: haris finger got hurt.
how does the story end? team turbo wins.

SETTINGS:Screenshot 2015-11-20 at 12.00.26 PM.png

No lunch

My dream bedroom

My dream bedroom.

in my dream bedroom i would        
like a big flat tv.and a beautiful frozen bed.and i would also like a hot chocolate machine.also a beautiful pink heart wallpaper.also a stereo with a big speaker.also my own netbook.also lot’s of video game’s.i also want my bedroom to look like a waterfall.

Jolly phonics

we learnt about Jolly phonics so we can learn to say our letters properly.
than we found words that have those sounds  to learn them properly.

Julia Donaldson profile

We are learning about Julia Donaldson who writes some of our favourite stories like the gruffalo and tiddler. 
Here is a profile. It tells you some information I found out about her.


Find a picture of Julia and put it here.

Research and find the answers to these questions -

How old is Julia?
Julia is 67 years old
Where does she live?
She lives in glasgow in london in england.
Where was she born?
She was born on the 16 of september 1949
How many books has she written?
She wrote 30 books
What was the first book she wrote?
A squash and a squeeze.
What is her favourite book?
Her favourite book is charlie cook's favourite book.
Now think of 5 questions of your own and find the answers.
What city was she born in?
She was born in north london.
When was room on the broom published?
Room on the broom was  published in 2002.
When did julia start making books?
Julia started making books in 1999.
What is her husband's name?
Her husband's name is malcolm.