Sunday, 3 April 2016

Julia Donaldson profile

We are learning about Julia Donaldson who writes some of our favourite stories like the gruffalo and tiddler. 
Here is a profile. It tells you some information I found out about her.


Find a picture of Julia and put it here.

Research and find the answers to these questions -

How old is Julia?
Julia is 67 years old
Where does she live?
She lives in glasgow in london in england.
Where was she born?
She was born on the 16 of september 1949
How many books has she written?
She wrote 30 books
What was the first book she wrote?
A squash and a squeeze.
What is her favourite book?
Her favourite book is charlie cook's favourite book.
Now think of 5 questions of your own and find the answers.
What city was she born in?
She was born in north london.
When was room on the broom published?
Room on the broom was  published in 2002.
When did julia start making books?
Julia started making books in 1999.
What is her husband's name?
Her husband's name is malcolm.

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