Monday, 4 April 2016

why is water important?

why is water important?
water is important for you because it makes you healthy and strong and smart.
If we don't have any water than we might die and get dehydrated.
when it is to hot than you can get some water and drink it.
you should drink water almost all the time so you can survive when you go on 
what will happen if we don't have any water?
if we  have any water we will die with thirst.
if there was no water than what will
we drink when we are hot.


  1. Hi Syraiah-lee I love your photo about water very important and i also would like to have good work like you keep it up on you work.

  2. Beautiful Syraiah I love the words you use in your description such as dehydrated and survive. Good work Syraiah.