Monday, 11 April 2016

WALT: do Compare 4 stories to learn about julia donaldson.

Main Character
Rhyming words
What happened in the story?
The Gruffalo
The Gruffalo

The mouse tried to trick all the animals.
Claws  jaws
Toes noes
Mouse house
Good wood
Treetop house

The mouse scared all the animals by saying things about a gruffalo.
Room on the Broom
The witch

The witch wanted to make new friends.
Room broom hat cat  long ginger.
The witch kept on dropping her stuff and she found new friends while dropping her stuff.

Tiddler told tall tales and one person believed and liked his stories.
Tall tales diving dolphin   
Tiddler told different stories everyday.
Monkey puzzle
The monkey

The monkey was lost and he had to find his mum.
Little cry find butterfly hunk trunk
The monkey wanted to find his mum but he did not find her because the butterfly did not know where she was.

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  1. Hi Syraiah-Lee, I like how you have identified the themes for each story. You had to learn what a theme was in order to do this part.
    Well done!
    Miss Ashley