Sunday, 28 August 2016

the doll

Jill and her mother were walking down the road and they saw a toy store near the road. They go in and jill sees a doll in the toy shop. It is a very pretty doll. Jill asked her mother, (( mummy’ can you get me this doll?”. Jill's mother  has no money ,”. jill ,jill, the doll is twelve dollars i don't have twelve dollars for that doll. It is too expensive for me because i only have four dollars jill's mum said. Maybe tomorrow jill. When it was tomorrow jill asked her mother if they could go back to the toy store down the road. Her mum was to tired to go so she said how about in the afternoon… jill woke up her mom and told her that it’s the afternoon mum can we go now then her mum got changed and then they went off to the toy store. Jill’s mum got the doll for jill and jill was excited that her mother got it for her then they went home and lived happily ever after.

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