Monday, 13 June 2016

My house.

As i walk up the 3 steps i find a big pile of shoes in the front of the door. I walk inside my house and i go into the kitchen and i see lots and lots of dishes on the bench. When i go  through the hallway i see 5 rooms and when i go past them i see 2 messy rooms and i see  2 clean rooms i one really big giant room that is clean. I go into my room and i take my bag off and put it on the floor. I go into the kitchen again and i go to get a drink  from the fridge. Then my sister comes home from college then i my parents come home then when they are here we relax.


 my house


  1. Hi Syraiah-lee,
    I like the way you put interesting words to make it sound even better.
    I also like the way you put in a picture of your house so it is not blank at the end.
    Maybe next time you should check to make sure your words have capital letters.

  2. Hello Syraiah-lee
    I like your story it is very describing and I like the way you add details but next time I think you should check your work again cause maybe next time you can correct your i to a capital I.

  3. Hello Syraiah-Lee ,
    I really like the way you put great facts and information about how you do at your home.What I really think you should work on is your capital letters.Maybe next time you could check / edit over your work 2 - 3 times.
    Keep it up...