Tuesday, 13 February 2018

First day at kiwi can

Today, tuesday the 13th room 7 went to kiwi can. There were 2 new people and their names were Miss Latoya and Mr Matt. when we were going there we had to go to the TPS hall. We went there to learn about having a positive relationships with our friends. How we got there was to walk there.

Miss latoya and Mr Matt introduced themselves then we got into the energizer and the energizer was called musical bumps. How you play is that you play music then you walk around or dance and then when the music stops then you have to sit down and the last one sitting down are out.

After those games we learnt the new catchphrase. The catchphrase was kiwi “can says if you argue,sort it out,don't shout and work it out”. When we learnt that we were talking about positive relationships and respect to others.  After that we started to play a game of hangman and guess the picture. So you have to split into 2 groups boys or girls or  however you want to play the game and whoever got the most points you win. When we played the boys won and the girls lost. After that we did GKQ (general knowledge questions).

I thought that the new people werde funny and cool and that it was fun at kiwi can.

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