Monday, 26 February 2018

Golden Child recount

One beautiful sunny morning room 7 was getting prepared to go outside and play a game called golden child. Firstly we did the roll then we lined up in two lines. The girls line was straight and quiet and the boys line was very ciricked and noisey.

We headed off outside to the courts and we had  to vote. There were 2 options to choose. There were boys vs girls or yr5 vs yr6. We all choose boys vs girls. The girls had to shoot first and the boys were running first. The first boy to run was lopi. Lopi made it to the other side and helped the girls to get the ball and pass it back to the other person in line. Some of the girls shot the ball into the hoop and one of them was me.

The boys that had to stop on the sides were saved by the last person which was paula the golden child. Then all the other boys got to go on the other side because of paula. He was to fast for us to shoot into the hoop. We nearly got it in and got them out but we were to late the boys got there before we could get it in. so the boys won and the girls lost.

In the second game the girls were running and the boys were shooting the boys got some of us out but when the golden child ran we got to run with her and we all got to the other side and the girls won the second game of golden child. We came in together in a circle and we lined back up in two straight lines and we went back to class and we were so dehydrated that we went straight into class and grabbed our bottles. THE END

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